UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration Umami+

التوقيت المحلي: 
الخميس, 22 تشرين اﻷول (أكتوبر) 2015 -
من 9:00am الى 6:00pm
إيطاليا, Milan
نوع الحدث: 
مناسبة خاصة

UMAMI+ Shooting Event “Overcoming our Ignorance of Others”, has been hold on October 22nd at CAFÉ DE CHEFS, Restaurant of French Pavilion at Milano EXPO 2015, as UNESCO 70th Anniversary CELEBRATION EVENT under patronage of UNESCO and UNESCO Italy.
Representatives of Institutions and National pavilions at Milano EXPO participated with greeting messages to UNESCO for its activities over the years.

On Nov.30th 2015, UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration as LEGACY of Milano EXPO 2015 starts to be distributed worldwide through Free App. UMAMI+!