Member States List

The Organization has 193 Members and 11 Associate Members.

Membership of UNESCO is governed by Articles II and XV of the Constitution and by rules 98 to 101 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Conference. Membership of the United Nations carries with it the right to membership of UNESCO. States that are not members of United Nations may be admitted to UNESCO, upon recommendation of the Executive Board, by a two-thirds majority vote of the General Conference.

Territories or groups of territories that are not responsible for the conduct of their international relations may be admitted as Associate Members. Their admission and their rights and obligations are determined by the General Conference (see 6C/Resolution 41.2 and Basic Texts).

Most Member States have established Permanent Delegations to UNESCO which, headed by Ambassadors, undertake liaison between the Organization and their governments.

All Member States have established a National Commission for UNESCO. The UNESCO National Commissions are national cooperating bodies set up by the Member States for the purpose of associating their governmental and non-governmental bodies with the work of the Organization.

بابوا غينيا الجديدة

ISO Code: PG

Joined Unesco: 04/10/1976


ISO Code: PY

Joined Unesco: 20/06/1955


ISO Code: PK

Joined Unesco: 14/09/1949


ISO Code: PW

Joined Unesco: 20/09/1999


ISO Code: BB

Joined Unesco: 24/10/1968

بروني دار السلام

ISO Code: BN

Joined Unesco: 17/03/2005


ISO Code: BE

Joined Unesco: 29/11/1946


ISO Code: BG

Joined Unesco: 17/05/1956


ISO Code: BZ

Joined Unesco: 10/05/1982


ISO Code: BD

Joined Unesco: 27/10/1972


ISO Code: PA

Joined Unesco: 10/01/1950


ISO Code: BJ

Joined Unesco: 18/10/1960

Associate member list


ISO Code: AW

Joined Unesco: 20/10/1987


ISO Code: AI

Joined Unesco: 05/11/2013


ISO Code: TK

Joined Unesco: 15/10/2001

جزر فارو

ISO Code: FO

Joined Unesco: 12/10/2009

جزر فيرجين البريطانية

ISO Code: VG

Joined Unesco: 24/11/1983

جزر كايمان

ISO Code: KY

Joined Unesco: 30/10/1999

سانت مارتن

ISO Code: SX

Joined Unesco: 25/10/2011

كاليدونيا الجديدة

ISO Code: NC

Joined Unesco: 30/10/2017


ISO Code: CW

Joined Unesco: 25/10/2011

منطقة ماكاو الإدارية الخاصة

ISO Code: MO

Joined Unesco: 25/10/1995


ISO Code: MS

Joined Unesco: 03/11/2015